Hawaii Challenge Coins

Hawaii Challenge Coins

Hawaii is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the country. Sitting in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it is worth the trip for everyone that can make it. For those that live there, Hawaii can be a tropical paradise.

Hawaii Challenge Coins
We Make Custom Hawaii Coins

Hawaii has several volcanoes, which are formed when magma rises through cracks in the Earth’s crust. Hawaii is also home to a number of wildlife species, including birds, insects and reptiles. Hawaii’s climate varies depending on location. Some areas are warm year-round, while others are cold only during certain seasons. Hawaii is also home to:

20 colleges
33 historical monuments
9 National Parks

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical weather. In addition to beaches, there are many things to do in Hawaii including hiking, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Hawaii is also known for the island culture of its indigenous population, which you can experience in various ways.

Hawaii Challenge Coins
Hawaii Landscape

There are plenty of things to like about life in Hawaii, and you should celebrate those things by creating something to remember them by. Pictures are a common option, but they are fragile. You need something that is durable, high-quality, and custom-made for the occasion. A custom challenge coin is your best option.

We make custom challenge coins for people across the country. No matter where you are, we can make challenge coins that are made just for you. We would love to work with organizations in cities throughout Hawaii, including:

East Honolulu
Ewa Gentry
Kailua CDP
Mililani Town
Pearl City
Urban Honolulu

The key to a great challenge coin is the customization. It can be frustrating when you have a design in your head that you want to make, but there is no way to make it. That’s not the case with challenge coins made by Custom Challenge Coins. We can make thousands of design modifications so that we can make exactly what you are thinking of.

Take advantage of our expertise to create custom challenge coins that perfectly match your needs. Start the design process by filling out this quote form or calling us at (877) 514-8484.

Hawaii Military Challenge Coins

Hawaii Military Coins
We Make Custom Hawaii Coins

Hawaii’s contributions to the U.S. Armed Forces are well-known. Being the home of the Pacific fleet, Hawaii’s military service members are aware of the responsibility that they hold. Honor the service of Hawaii’s servicemen, both past and present, with custom challenge coins that perfectly capture pride that they have in their work.

The military bases in Hawaii that may need custom military challenge coins include:

We work with every branch of the Armed Forces to create challenge coins that meet their high standards when using official military insignias and designs. From simple brass coins to extravagant commander coins, we have made coins that continue to raise the bar when it comes to creativity and production quality. Let us craft new challenge coins for you. Call us at (877) 514-8484 or fill out this quote form to talk to our design team about your options.

Hawaii Challenge Coins for Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

Hawaii Firefighter Coins
Custom Hawaii Coins

Enforcing the law, fighting fires, and responding to emergencies can be stressful, but many people do it with pride every day. They don’t expect to be rewarded, but you can honor their service by awarding them specially-designed custom challenge coins. Having a custom-made coin that commemorates your hard work placed in your hand is a feeling that many first responders never forget.

Hawaii Police Coins
We Make Hawaii Police Coins

We want the members of law enforcement and firefighter departments to know what that feels like, so we are eager to work with departments, including:

Hawaii Sport Custom Challenge Coins

Hawaii Sports Coins
Custom Hawaii Coins

Every sports team should have a set of challenge coins available for their most die-hard fans. Whether they are the type that loudly supports their team or the ones that quietly follow how their team is doing, they all want something that they can always carry with them to show their support. Nothing is easier to carry with you every day than a challenge coin.

We work with teams in nearly every sport, including:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey

Hawaii College and University Challenge Coins

Hawaii Academy Coins
We Make Hawaii Academy Coins

Students spend years of their lives trying to master new skills and build a foundation for their lives. It is only natural that they want to remember their college and university days fondly. Give them something special to remember their alma matter by with custom challenge coins.

We can make custom challenge coins for colleges and universities like:

It may seem like a small thing, but not to the people that have challenge coins. They mean the world to to the people that keep one in their office or in their pocket every day. Make sure that your school’s students can remember this time of their life with a specially-designed challenge coin that only students and alumni have.

Order your new challenge coins today by filling out this quote form or calling (877) 514-8484 to work with our design team.

Hawaii Corporate Challenge Coins

Hawaii Corporate Coins
Custom Hawaii Coins

Companies are always looking for new ways to reward high-achievers. Show them that you see their hard work with a custom challenge coin.

We can make custom challenge coins for companies and non-profit organizations like:

Hawaii Local Custom Challenge Coins

Hawaii Challenge Coins
Hawaii Challenge Coins

There are plenty of ways to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of the people that we know, but nothing does it better than a challenge coin with a unique design. Being one of the few to receive one of these coins can be an uplifting experience. Give the people in your life that make a difference in the world the recognition that they deserve. Call us at (877) 514-8484 or fill out this quote form to get started.

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