Types of coins


Challenge coins have a long and distinguished history. Although their origins can be traced back to the army, they are now widely used to reward achievement and dedication in all branches of military and service, including fire and police departments. In recent times, businesses and institutions have created their corporate challenge coins and medals to thank customers and reward valued employees.

Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Perfect for honoring the bravery of veterans as well as the dedication and achievements of current serving military personnel. Salute them in style, with our military challenge coins, created to the highest standards with customs designs and options as unique as your unit.

Police Challenge Coins

Police Coins

Ideal to recognize and honor the vital role that law enforcement officers play in the community. Often working in conditions of extreme danger, the awarding of coins and medals is formal recognition of commitment and dedication beyond the call of duty.

Firefighter Challenge Coin - Soft Enamel Polished Gold Sandblasted Coin

Firefighter Challenge Coins

A fitting way to recognize the exceptional bravery of our fire-fighters who carry out difficult and dangerous work every day to keep us safe. Our fire department challenge coins are outstanding quality and come in a wide range of options to be unique to fit the occasion.

Corporate Coins

Corporate Challenge Coins

A popular way to reinforce a corporate identity, commemorate company milestones and reward exceptional staff or loyal customers. Our top quality coins and medals are crafted to the highest standards to ensure the optimum representation of your brand image.

Masonic Coin

Masonic Challenge Coins

Tradition, history and custom challenge coin design play a big part in masonic challenge coins. Our designers have a years of experience in creating designs that reference honor of your masonic lodge.