Ohio Challenge Coins

Ohio Challenge Coins

With components of upper plains, prairie, deciduous forests, and central Appalachia, Ohio's diverse topography gives rise to a wide variety of landscapes and climates. To the east, icy ridges border coastal plain subtropical climate along the Canadian border. The terrain gradually rises in the eastward direction before reaching the mountainous western Ohio River valley part of the Appalachian Mountains.

In Ohio, you can also find:

  • 195 colleges
  • 76 historical monuments
  • 8 National Parks
  • 25 Fortune 500 companies
Ohio Challenge Coins
Ohio Challenge Coins

A piece of history, Ohio has many great attractions to offer travelers. From a national park to an amusement park to a zoo, there are plenty of opportunities to spend some time exploring the state. One of the best things to do in Ohio is to visit its many natural wonders. For example, you can take a walk on the beach at Lake Erie or go fishing in one of the area’s many lakes.

Ohio is full of organizations that are looking for ways of honoring their participants. From companies to military personnel, there are reasons to celebrate people’s achievements. One of the best ways to do this is with custom challenge coins.

Ohio Challenge Coins

At Custom Challenge Coins, we make challenge coins to your exact specifications. Not only do you get to make coins with your design, but we also work with you to perfect it with help from a team with years of design experience. More than that, we put the time and effort into perfecting the manufacturing process and ensure that every coin that you receive exceeds your expectations.

We work with organizations just like the ones you can find in Ohio, including:

  • Akron
  • Canton
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Dayton
  • Lorain
  • Parma
  • Toledo
  • Youngstown
Ohio Challenge Coins

Designing your own custom challenge coin is a way to show people that you care. We make that process easy. Take advantage of this to help motivate, honor, and encourage your people to excel in what they do. Even ordering is easy with us. Just fill out this quote form or call us at (877) 514-8484.

Ohio Military Challenge Coins

Ohio Military Coins

Military challenge coins are coins that are given to service members as a form of appreciation, support, and recognition. Military challenge coins can be given to active duty military members, reservists, and retirees. They can also be given to veterans and other people who have served in the military.

The military bases in Ohio that may need custom military challenge coins include:

Military challenge coins have many different purposes. They can be used to commemorate special events, such as birthdays, graduations, promotions, and retirements. This makes them an excellent way to show appreciation to those who are in the military. Military challenge coins can also be used to honor service members who have completed a difficult task or obstacle.

Give custom challenge coins to those that you feel deserve them. Take the time to design a coin that truly captures the sacrifices that they made and honor their service. For help with this, just call us at (877) 514-8484 or fill out the quote form.

Ohio Custom Challenge Coins for Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

Ohio Police Challenge Coins

A law enforcement or firefighter challenge coin is a small token of appreciation given to a person or group who has helped to make a positive difference in society. Many municipalities have started issuing these coins as an official way for the public to show their thanks for their hard work and dedication. They are also used as an award for certain achievements, such as saving someone from a burning building.

Reward your first responders with a custom challenge coin for their achievements.

Ohio Firefighter Coins
Ohio Fire Coins

We work with any law enforcement or firefighter agency, including:

Ohio Sport Custom Challenge Coins

Ohio Sports Coins

Fans love to buy challenge coins for their favorite sports teams. When looking to make a custom challenge coin there are a few things to consider. First, they want something that looks good, something well-made, and something with a great team-based design. We can do all three of those with our custom challenge coins.

We’ve made custom challenge coins for teams in nearly any sport, including:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey

Ohio College and University Custom Challenge Coins

Ohio University Coins

There’s no better way to show school spirit than by getting a custom challenge coin! Challenge coins are a great way to show pride in a school and most colleges and universities have their own specific designs. Create a new design for a custom challenge coin to give students the chance to show their school spirit.

We can make custom challenge coins for colleges and universities like:

High-quality custom challenge coins serve as a badge of honor for students, faculty, and alumni. Let us help you develop a new challenge coin with the school’s imagery so that everyone can add it to their collection.

The process is simple and starts with you filling out this quote form or calling (877) 514-8484 to speak to the customer service team.

Ohio Corporate Custom Challenge Coins

Ohio Company Coins

Company challenge coins are a great way to honor and recognize your team. They can also provide a fun way to motivate employees. Celebrate your employees' achievements with a custom challenge coin.

We can make custom challenge coins for companies and non-profit organizations like:

Join the many companies that have their own personal custom challenge coin design by calling (877) 514-8484 or filling out the quote form.

Ohio Local Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins may seem small, but they mean a lot to the people that receive them. Give the important people around you challenge coins to show that you recognize their contributions.

Create a new challenge coin design specifically for this purpose by partnering with Custom Challenge Coins. To get started, finish this quote form or call (877) 514-8484.

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Our talented in-house team will help you every step of the way via phone, email, or live chat with us.
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