Commemorative Coins

Commemorative Coins are a great way to recognize accomplishments. They are often utilized by police, firefighters, military, and private organizations. We aim to please and our customer reviews prove it. We would be honored to help you create a custom made medallion that is uniquely you.

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are a fantastic way to acknowledge accomplishments and make a long-lasting keepsake. You can freely customize these custom made medallions in a countless number of design options. Crafting quality medallions and meeting the expectations of each of our customers are just a few reasons why Custom Challenge Coins is one of the leaders in the industry.
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2" No Color, Die Struck$5.99$3.70$3.21$3.10$3.08
2" One Side Color, Soft Enamel$6.57$4.12$3.68$3.61$3.54
2" Two Side Color, Soft Enamel$7.16$4.42$4.08$4.02$3.92
Price does not include mold fee
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An occasion filled with unforgettable memories is definitely worth keeping in our hearts.What’s better than preserving it in a commemorative coin? Made with premium metal and various plating options you can choose from depending on the custom design that fits your needs, there are endless possibilities available in making sure that your commemorative coins best represent the event that matters to you and the people who will receive them.

Custom Challenge Coins is dedicated in providing you a great experience in creating your commemorative coins. We take pride in our customer care team who not only provide a quick response, but also ensure we hear and understand the importance of the project to you. Our team of top-notch designers can guide you and effortlessly capture your vision in design. Lastly, we make sure that the coins will serve its purpose, and that is to last a lifetime allowing us to remember events in our lives worth passing on to the next generation.

Below are some reasons why commemorative coins are popular then and now.

Commemorative Coins

Timeless piece

Certain events in our lives only come once in a lifetime and we would like to remember them. A commemorative coin is a timeless masterpiece that could last from generation to generation - allowing us to share our stories in the years to come. Custom challenge coins are notable for having countless uses and if you want an item that you could bring anywhere anytime to help us reminisce about occasions or people - you can never go wrong with a commemorative coin.

Symbol of Appreciation and Celebration

Plaques, ribbons and medals are some of the token we give to people we show appreciation to or when celebrating victories. If you want something unique and memorable, a commemorative coin could be your go to present. Especially when carefully crafted, the receiver would feel cherished and occasions would feel more special with a challenge coin that symbolizes value and honor.

Highly Customizable

Custom Challenge Coins has more than one way to offer in making sure that your commemorative coin is outstanding and has an artistic design. Our team of outstanding designers can effectively guide you and provide options that would help you achieve your goal when designing your challenge coins. Found in our website is a template you can use and a downloadable guide to assist you with your options. Alternatively, you can always reach out to us via Custom Challenge Coins, email to or call us at 1-877-514-8484 should you need further assistance.

Apart from designing your coins however you see fit, at Custom Challenge Coins, we also allow our customers to choose how their coins are molded. We have two options you can choose from.

  • Die struck is when we have the designs transferred to a front & back mold, the raw brass being struck by each mold with enough force to transfer both the raised & recessed areas of the design into the brass.
  • Die Cast molds, on the other hand, are fit together and molten zinc metal is injected into the die to create the coin blank.

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Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

We have been making challenge coins for over 15 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Let our talented design team and knowledgeable staff help you with your next custom coin project. 

Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

We have been making challenge coins for over 15 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Let our talented design team and knowledgeable staff help you with your next custom coin project.

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