How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost?

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Published on: 24 Feb 2023

Last modified on: 17 May 2024

How much do custom challenge coins cost
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Challenge coins owe their roots to military history, even as far back as Ancient Rome.

Today, companies across industry sectors use challenge coins to motivate employees and clients toward excellence. Law enforcement regularly gifts police coins for bravery on the job. Custom coins also recognize the courage of firefighters, military service members, and rescue teams. Yet, these benefits beg the question: how much do custom challenge coins cost?

Top Article Highlights

  • Custom challenge coins vary in cost from $0.64 to over $10.00 per coin, influenced by factors such as design, materials, finishing, size, and additional customizations.
  • Bulk orders significantly reduce the cost per coin, making it economical for organizations like law enforcement, firefighters, and companies to purchase in larger quantities.
  • Design complexity, choice of materials (metal vs. ceramic), and special features like glow-in-the-dark enamel or edge engraving affect the overall price of challenge coins.
  • Die-struck challenge coins offer a sophisticated antique look, ideal for formal institutions, with prices decreasing as order quantity increases and varying by coin size.
  • Packaging options for challenge coins range from complimentary PVC envelopes to premium velvet boxes, with customization options further enhancing the presentation and value of the coins.

Let's take a look at various cost factors to estimate an average price for your order. In this article we will be discussing various cost factors, options that may impact price, how quantity impacts price, custom coin types, and the difference between coin categories

How much do custom challenge coins cost

Average Challenge Coin Prices

Base costs range anywhere from $0.64 to over $10.00 per coin, depending on several factors. Prices increase with special plating, enamels, coin edges, and more.

As a general rule of thumb: the larger the order, the lower the price per coin. Thus, companies, law enforcement, and firefighters are encouraged to buy in bulk.

However, you can still purchase custom coins individually. However, they are the most costly options. Prices dramatically goes down per coin when purchased in bulk.

The following points also impact the cost:

If the coin matches your specifications, any design revisions after 6 will cost additional. It is good practice to have an good idea of what you want so research options ahead of time to save on possibly additional costs. Interactive coins like moveable spinner challenge coins, realistic 3D coins, and bottle-opener coins have varying costs too. Watch our video to learn more about the design process.

The upgrades below also increase coin prices:

  • Glow-in-the-dark enamel
  • Edge engraving
  • Translucent enamel
Translucent enamel on custom coins

Engraved coin edge messages are $0.70 per coin on average, while glow-in-the-dark, translucent, and matte enamel are only $0.20 per coin. There are many options to choose from when it comes to designing your own custom challenge coin. It can be quite overwhelming with all of the options available but don't worry because our highly experienced customer care team and design artists an help make the perfect custom coin for you within the budget you have for your custom coin project. Here is a video we created that shows some of our most popular coin options.

Challenge Coins Options

Refer to a pricing list as you estimate potential costs. If you are trying to stay within a budget inform our customer care team so they can help you select the best options available for your budget.

Estimating Costs by Category

On the pricing list, you'll notice different types of coin categories:

  • Die-struck coin
  • One-sided color
  • Two-sided color
  • Ceramic challenge coins
  • Custom coin edging
  • Coin plating
  • Custom add-ons (i.e., glow-in-the-dark, translucent, etc.)
  • Packaging add-ons

Combine the above options to create dynamic police coins, firefighter coins, fitness boot camp coins, military coins, and more!

How Much Do Die-Struck Challenge Coins Cost?

Die-struck is a coin manufacturing process that produces a sophisticated antique look. These coins are ideal for government agencies, academia, police stations, and military-related institutions.

Bulk order quantities include:

  • 50
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 3,000
  • 5,000

Large orders between 1,000 and 5,000 are perfect for promo products, multinational corporations, and trade show swag bags. Fifty to 500 coins are ideal for small businesses, fitness coaches, police academies, firehouses, and more small to mid-sized operations.

You'll notice coin prices decreasing as the quantity increases while costs increase with size.

For example, the base price for an order of 50 1.5 inch coins is $4.98 per coin, while the base cost for three-inch coins is $9.78. Three-inch coins cost half as much with orders of 5,000.

Pricing list amounts are base costs that include shapes, artwork, and shipping costs. If you want to know the exact cost with molding fees, request a free price quote.

Have the following information ready:

  • Order completion date
  • Your company or organization name (optional)
  • Order quantity
  • Coin size and shape
  • Style (die-struck, textured, smooth, etc.)
  • One or two-sided design
  • Packaging preference
  • Edge customization

If you wish, you may provide additional details in the message box to clarify your order.

Die Struck vs. One-Sided Color

Die-struck challenge coins feature a vintage all-metal surface finish. If you want color-filled designs, you can choose between one and two-sided color enameling.

Like die-struck coins, one-sided enamel coin costs increase with size but drop as order quantities rise. They cost slightly more than die-struck coins, roughly 14% to 18% more. For example, an order of two-inch one-sided enamel coins cost $3.83, about $0.65 more than die-struck coins of the same size and order quantity.

Two-Sided Color Enamel Challenge Coins

If you want double-sided challenge coins with full color, upgrade to a two-sided challenge coin order.

Double-sided coins have comparable prices to one-sided coins. Plus, you can optimize your challenge coins with special enameling, interactive elements, and carrying pouches.

Hard vs. Soft Enamel

You'll also notice separate price lists for soft and hard enamel coins for single and double-sided coins. Soft and hard enamel costs are the same. However, the finishes are different.

Hard enamel coins have a sleek and glossy look. Design lines are also level to the surface, creating a completely smooth finish. Soft enamel challenge coins are more textured with matte finishes.

How Much Do Ceramic Challenge Coins Cost?

Ceramic is a fantastic alternative to metal. They're ideal for large promotional product campaigns, sports clubs, conventions, promo gifts.

One and two-sided coins are available. Plus, you pay only $0.64 per product when you purchase 5,000 coins.

Additional Customization Costs

Metal challenge coins have greater customization choices than ceramic. There are a lot of coin edging options available when making your challenge coin. We even have a variety of edging free options to choose from as well.

How much do challenge cost

Some of our free edging options are:

  • Standard coin edge
  • Rope edge
  • Chain edge
  • Spur edge design

If you want more edge designs, upgrade to one of the following options for just $0.35 per coin:

  • Oblique lines
  • Bevel edges
  • Cross-cut

Classic reeded edges are also available. However, you'll need to request a price quote for custom edge designs.

Watch our Coin Edge Option Video

Challenge Coin Plating Costs

Like coin edges, customers can choose one of the following polished plating materials for free:

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Black nickel
  • Polished nickel
  • Brass
Watch to View Some of Our Plating Coins Options

Customers may upgrade to antique-style plating for just $0.35 per coin. You can also upgrade to antique or polished silver for the same price. Gold coin plating is also available at $0.60 per challenge coin.

How Much Does Challenge Coin Packaging Cost?

High-quality packaging protects custom coins, an asset for challenge coin collectors. Plus, challenge coins in mint condition will accrue greater value as time goes on.

All custom coins come with complimentary PVC envelopes, but you can always upgrade to the packaging choices below:

  • Coin capsules
  • Velvet drawstring bags
  • Acrylic cases
  • Velvet boxes

Coin packaging starts at $0.25 for drawstring bags and goes up to $4.00 for velvet boxes. You can also purchase coin stands for just $0.49.

Remember, prices are subject to change. Bookmark your pricing list to stay updated on any new prices and product offerings.

Plan Your Next Custom Challenge Coin Order

Challenge coins are a cost-effective solution for rewarding employees, service members, officers, firefighters, and clients. Don't forget to take advantage of any current specials to lower your costs.

Remember these tips as you design and package your custom challenge coins. The blog is also packed with ideas. Plus, live chat agents are available to help.

Are you ready to order right now?

Request a price quote today or call us at 877-514-8484 to learn more.

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Jack Thompson was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After retiring from the military, Jack moved to Austin, Texas, to start a new chapter in his life. He has always been passionate about storytelling and decided to become a writer and podcaster. He runs a successful podcast where he discusses military history, shares personal anecdotes, and interviews other veterans. Jack also writes often about military traditions and history.

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