We Make Custom Vermont Challenge Coins

Vermont Challenge Coins

Vermont is located in New England, bordering Canada and Massachusetts. Its capital city is Montpelier. It has a population of about 640,000 people.

We Make Custom Vermont Challenge Coins
We Make Custom Vermont Challenge Coins

Vermont is known for its scenic beauty, clean air, and friendly atmosphere. Many tourists come here to experience skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, canoeing, golfing, horseback riding, and hiking.

In the state of Vermont, there are:

  • 23 colleges
  • 18 historical monuments
  • 1 National Park

Vermont is known for its stunning nature and charming towns. There are many great things to do in Vermont, including hiking through the mountains, skiing and snowboarding, and exploring.
For those who enjoy water sports, there are plenty of opportunities at nearby lakes and rivers. Whatever your preference, you'll find plenty of options in Vermont to suit your every need and fancy.

We Make Custom Vermont Challenge Coins

Vermont is also known for its delicious food. This includes maple syrup and craft beer. No matter what you like to do in Vermont, there will be plenty of things to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Some of the top tourist destinations in Vermont include:

Aside from vacation spots, Vermont is also known for having influential towns and people. Some of the most influential places in Vermont include:

  • Bennington
  • Brattleboro
  • Burlington
  • Colchester
  • Essex
  • Essex Junction
  • Milton
  • Rutland City
  • South Burlington
  • Williston

Throughout the state, there are people and places worth celebrating in different ways. Vermont, in many ways, is a place where the elite go to live and get things done. Help the people in your organization see that they are part of an elite group by giving them custom challenge coins.

A custom challenge coin is something that people work hard for. Being awarded one marks exceptional achievement. Mark special occasions and achievements with bespoke challenge coins specially designed for that moment.

Ordering custom challenge coins is easy. All you have to do is start the design process by filling out this quote form or calling us at (877) 514-8484.

Vermont Military Challenge Coins

We Make Custom Vermont Military Coins
We Make Custom Military Coins

Military challenge coins are a unique way to honor the men and women who serve our country. These coins are awarded to service members who demonstrate exemplary performance, join specific units, or otherwise distinguish themselves. Unit commanders have also been known to issue coins for specific operations.

The tradition of awarding challenge coins began in the military and you can continue this tradition by ordering custom challenge coins for your unit.

The military bases in Vermont that may need custom military challenge coins include:

Whether it is for distinguished service or to honor enlistment and service in the Armed Forces, we can design a custom challenge coin for the occasion. With a little direction, we can come up with a design that anyone in the military would be proud to carry. Work with us to design and order your custom challenge coins by completing this quote form or speaking to our customer service team at (877) 514-8484.

Vermont Custom Coins for Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

We Make Custom Vermont Firefighter Coins

First responders across Vermont are some of the most highly-trained and dedicated individuals in our communities. They risk their lives every day to protect us, and they deserve recognition for their service. First responder challenge coins are a great way to show your support for these heroes. It's also a fun way to create a bit of team spirit.

There are many law enforcement and firefighter departments in Vermont that we want to work with, including:

Vermont Sport Custom Challenge Coins

We Make Vermont Custom Sports Coins

Whether you're a fan of the Green Mountain State or have never set foot in Vermont, you can show your pride for your favorite team with a custom challenge coin. Making custom challenge coins available to fans is a great way of encouraging the fanbase to support the team. Vermont has a diverse range of sports including:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding: Vermont is famous for its ski resorts, offering skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all levels of expertise. Some popular ski resorts include Stowe, Killington, Sugarbush, and Jay Peak.
  • Ice Skating: Vermont has numerous indoor and outdoor rinks where you can skate, whether you prefer hockey or figure skating.
  • Hiking: Vermont is home to the Long Trail, a 272-mile hiking trail that runs the length of the state. There are also many other hiking trails available in Vermont, including the Appalachian Trail.
  • Biking: Vermont offers scenic bike trails for all levels of riders, from paved bike paths to challenging mountain biking trails.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: Vermont has many lakes and rivers, including the Connecticut River and Lake Champlain, that are ideal for canoeing and kayaking.
  • Fishing: Vermont offers excellent fishing opportunities, with many lakes and streams stocked with trout and other fish.
  • Golfing: Vermont has many golf courses, including championship courses and courses designed for casual play.
  • Soccer: Vermont has a thriving youth soccer community, with many teams and leagues available for both boys and girls.
  • Baseball: Vermont has a minor league baseball team, the Vermont Lake Monsters, and also has many recreational baseball leagues available for all ages.
  • Tennis: Vermont has many public tennis courts available for recreational play, and also hosts several tennis tournaments throughout the year.

Vermont College and Custom University Coins

We Make Custom Vermont School Coins

If you are looking for a unique souvenir to give to students, faculty, or staff at a Vermont college and university, consider a challenge coin. These coins symbolize the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork among participants in special events such as field day, intramural sports, or service projects.

Challenge coins are also a fun way to motivate students and encourage them to do their best. Many colleges and universities have a tradition of issuing challenge coins for competition in intramural sports and other campus activities. If your school doesn’t yet have a challenge-coin tradition, you can create one yourself by designing your own custom challenge coins.

We can make custom challenge coins for colleges and universities like:

Start your challenge coin tradition by completing this quote form or calling us at (877) 514-8484.

Vermont Custom Corporate Coins

We Make Custom Vermont Challenge Coins
We Make Custom Vermont Challenge Coins

The custom challenge coin is a great way to incorporate your logo and identify your brand’s values in the corporate environment. They are also a fun way to recognize achievement, commemorate special occasions, and reward employees for meeting goals or achieving milestones.

We can make custom challenge coins for companies and non-profit organizations like:

Companies looking for ways to reward their staff can do so easily with custom challenge coins. Order yours today by calling us at (877) 514-8484 or filling out this quote form.

Vermont Local Custom Challenge Coins

No matter which organization you want to order coins for, we can help you design and order custom challenge coins that stand out from any others. We offer a wide range of design options so that you can get the exact coins that you want. Start the order process by filling out our online quote form or discussing your order with our support team at (877) 514-8484.

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