Covid-19 Challenge Coin

Why COVID-19 Challenge Coins are a Great Way to Show Support

Why COVID-19 Challenge Coins are a Great Way to Show Support

The COVID-19 virus continues to make a significant impact on the daily lives of people across the United States and the rest of the world. Working from home has become the new reality for countless people, as practicing social distancing has radically changed the workplace in only a few months.

Of course, not everyone can work from home, as people in the medical field and other essential workers must risk their health to serve others. Finding ways to recognize the hard work and sacrifice of first responders, nurses, doctors, and essential workers isn’t always easy. However, custom challenge coins are a small way to say thank you for these everyday heroes.

Variety of Custom Designs

These COVID-19 Challenge Coins can be customized in a variety of ways to create a unique coin that holds special value to the recipient. Our talented design team will walk you through each stage of the design process to ensure you are more than happy with the final results.


Boost Morale

Finding ways to improve morale for essential workers is especially important during a prolonged crisis. These coins are an excellent way to honor each member of a team for their dedication to serving the local community. Custom challenge coins have always been used many times to boost morale in the past, whether it’s recognizing emergency workers or military members.

Proudly Support Essential Team Members

COVID-19 Challenge Coins are an excellent way to cultivate teamwork and acknowledge the essential team members.  It is a great reminder that we are in this battle together.  Providing support for these essential workers during these unsure times is an important way to honor their hard work and dedication. It is also a great way to acknowledge the sacrifice they are making for the community during this covid-19 pandemic.

Covid Awareness CoinCovid-19 Awareness Coin

Light-Hearted Design Options

COVID19 challenge coins are also available in a variety of light-hearted designs to help relieve stress and improve everyone’s mood. These challenge coins are a simple and a highly effective way to acknowledge those on the frontlines.  We can also make a custom designed coin to suit your specific department or design requirements.

Find the Perfect Style

Our top-quality artists are always happy to help you find the perfect design for your challenge coin. Free design and up to 6 revisions are available for each order. We take great pride in always meeting the needs of our customers. A few of the most popular design options include using gold, silver, brass, and copper colors. You can also choose from a variety of edge options, such as rope-cut, cross-cut, and wave-cut.

Covid Medical CoinCovid Support Coin

Contact Custom Challenge Coins to Learn More

Here at Custom Challenge Coins, we understand the importance of continuing to support all of the first responders and healthcare workers for their dedication and hard work during these difficult times. Each challenge coin is crafted with the highest level of precision and care to maintain our high standards. We also continue to focus on following the latest CDC guidelines to maximize the safety of our team members and our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about custom challenge coins, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions at 877-312-9794.

To show your support for the essential workers we found a few resources where you can also write words of encouragement. Together we can get through these difficult times. From everyone at Custom Challenge Coins, “Thank you.”


Share your words of encouragement during Covid-19, healthcare heroes feel loved .  You can also send a message of support to all healthcare workers during this stressful time by sending them a message on Hope for Healthcare Workers#SupportEssentialWorkers