Why Should I Care About Custom Challenge Coins?

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Published on: 12 Jan 2023

Last modified on: 29 Mar 2024

Importance of Challenge Coins
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The Importance of Challenge Coins

Have you heard of challenge coins in the past, but unsure of what purpose they serve? Do you find the idea of them fascinating, but unsure of what to make of the heavy following behind challenge coins? If so, then you need to learn a little bit more about custom challenge coins.

Top Article Highlights

  • Challenge coins have a rich history that traces back to World War I, symbolizing camaraderie and unity among squadron members, with their origin story highlighting a pilot's survival due to the coin.
  • Custom challenge coins carry individual stories and signify loyalty and commitment, making them valuable to collectors who appreciate the narratives and significance behind each coin.
  • Collecting challenge coins meets a universal human desire for knowledge and relaxation, offering a meaningful hobby that can reduce stress and foster personal pleasure.
  • The customization of challenge coins is limitless, allowing for personalization to represent various groups and achievements, with professional services offering design support and customization options.
  • Custom challenge coins foster team chemistry and camaraderie, serving as a tangible symbol of honor and unity within a group, strengthening bonds among its members.

Only then will you understand their true value and purpose. Fire departments, military personnel, and police departments all take tremendous pride in creating custom challenge coins to represent their team.

See below for an in-depth guide listing several reasons why you should care about custom challenge coins and what they are all about.

why should I care about custom challenge coins
Custom Challenge Coin for American Pride

They Have a Legendary History

Like every great American legend, there are many different stories about how challenge coins came to be. Some tack them up as a modern twist to coins that Roman soldiers were awarded for their crowning achievements in battle.

There are certainly parallels between the Roman Empire coins and modern-day challenge coins. However, the more accurate story comes from an origin that dates all the way back to World War I.

Back then, men from all over the nation volunteered for the flying squadrons during the war. One squadron, in particular, had a lieutenant that wanted to tie his group together. He wanted to create a memento for all the brave men that willingly volunteered to fight for their great country, so he had bronze medallions made for the entire unit.

Not too long after, one of the pilots from that unit had to land his plane behind enemy lines and was taken as a prisoner. Luckily, he escaped and made his way towards a French outpost, but the French were hesitant to believe him, as this was a common trick for enemies to try and sabotage.

The young pilot used the only piece of identification he had on him, the bronze medallion given to him by his lieutenant, to prove he was a friendly. That's how challenge coins were born!

Every Custom Challenge Coin Has a Story

As we mentioned in the intro, custom challenge coins are used by many different groups to signify their loyalty and commitment to a common cause. Such groups include police officials, firefighters, military veterans, nonprofit organizations, and even the President of the United States.

No matter where the custom challenge coin comes from, there is always a story behind it. That's what makes them so special. It's a huge reason why so many people have made a hobby of collecting them. They enjoy learning about different groups, hearing stories from that person's experiences, learning about the story behind the coin's design, and so much more.

Why should I care about custom challenge coins
Custom Challenge Coins Tell a Story

Some people also enjoy using them to commend business achievements. This is especially common with veteran-owned businesses, as it allows the owner to implement a piece of their experience as a member of the military.

The same can be said for any custom challenge coins that you create. Why not award yourself and your team for all those accomplishments with a custom-made coin to serve as a memento?

They Fulfill Your Need for Collecting

If you've ever thought that your desire to collect things was odd, you can be assured that it isn't. In fact, it's a trait that all humans share.

Studies have shown that collecting is a human's way of gaining more knowledge, relaxation, and personal pleasure. It's also been attached to reducing stress, which is why so many people pick it up as a hobby.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to fulfill that need inside you. They can help you find purpose, as well as help you learn more about the groups that fight for this country's freedom each day.

Of course, if you're going to start collecting challenge coins, you'll need one to trade with. Start by designing your own custom challenge coin and ordering it in bulk. That way, you'll be able to trade a coin for a coin and swap incredible stories as well.

They Can Be Customized to Your Specifications

There are no limitations when it comes to designing your new custom challenge coin. We've done any kind of challenge coin that you can imagine, such as:

The list goes on and on. You don't even have to have a concept for your coin before you come to us, we'll help you out with that side of it as well. We offer free artwork, a quick turnaround, and free shipping as well.

Helps Your Team Build Chemistry

Some of you may have read the origin story of challenge coins and wondered "why would that lieutenant create random coins for his squadron?" All signs point to him using them as a way to build unity between him and his pilots.

There's no denying that custom challenge coins will bring your team closer together. It helps build camaraderie between all members of the unit. The challenge coin is a sign of honor.

Using our custom challenge coin process, you can create a unique coin. No one else in the world will have access to that coin unless they're either a member of the unit or a loved one of someone that is.

Invest in Custom Challenge Coins for Your Unit

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on what challenge coins are and why you should care about them, it's time to create one of your own!

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to make your own custom challenge coins and a few ideas for how to get started.

To get started, please reach out to us via phone at 877-514-8484 or complete our form and we will be happy to assist you further.

Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After retiring from the military, Jack moved to Austin, Texas, to start a new chapter in his life. He has always been passionate about storytelling and decided to become a writer and podcaster. He runs a successful podcast where he discusses military history, shares personal anecdotes, and interviews other veterans. Jack also writes often about military traditions and history.

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