Fraternity Challenge Coins: Celebrating Brotherhood and Achievement

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Published on: 10 Mar 2024

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Fraternity Coins
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Greek life has been a staple on college campuses for nearly two centuries. The oldest fraternity still in operation on college campuses was founded in 1825. The secret society origins have drawn in students from all over the country to join a brotherhood.

Top Highlights

  • Fraternities devote time and effort to values and brotherhood.
  • Fraternities Build Life-Long Friendships: Bonds That Last a Lifetime
  • Supports Scholarly and Academic Success
  • Builds Leadership Skills Through Service
  • Create a Keepsake to Build Lasting Impact of Fraternity Membership

While the media has a specific image of Greek life on college campuses, inside these organizations, there is often a different story. So what is a fraternity? Built on more than partying, fraternities devote time and effort to values and brotherhood.

Greek life has been a staple on college campuses for nearly two centuries. The oldest fraternity still in operation on college campuses was founded in 1825. The secret society origins have drawn in students from all over the country to join a brotherhood.

While the media has a specific image of Greek life on college campuses, inside these organizations, there is often a different story. So what is a fraternity? Built on more than partying, fraternities devote time and effort to values and brotherhood.

Custom Fraternity Coins

What is a Fraternity?

A fraternity is a group that's formed around common goals. These groups are found on college campuses throughout the country and are referred to as "chapters." They have roots in secret and literary societies.

Because of these roots, fraternities are still considered to be secret societies. Meaning while anyone can become a member, only the members know the full history. This is revealed through rituals with each fraternity having its own unique rituals. This is also why Fraternity Challenge Coins exist.

When people hear fraternity, they are most likely thinking of social fraternities. However, there are many types of fraternities, including multicultural and minority. There're service-based, interest-based, and subject-based fraternities as well.

With this wide range of fraternities, this means that there are secret societies for every person. You don't have to be in traditional Greek life to benefit from the bonds of a fraternity.

The Benefits of Fraternity Life

Out of control parties are a prevailing image of fraternities in most people's minds. But there is much more to these organizations than a wild Saturday night. There are many benefits of joining a fraternity that may not be apparent to those not in one.

Life-Long Friendships: Bonds That Last a Lifetime

Going to college can be both an exciting and frightening experience. Many wonder how they will make friends in a new environment. Joining a fraternity makes finding friends easier as it brings together members who are searching for the same thing.

Because fraternity members spend so much time together, friendships form naturally. There are a variety of fraternity-sanctioned events and quality time spent together over the four years of college. It's no wonder that lifelong friendships form.

Alums will often say this is where they met their best friends and groomsmen. Some brothers still get together years after graduating. The strength of these bonds is so prevalent that sons often rush their fathers' fraternity, looking for the same bonds.

Fraternity Memorabilia

Academic Excellence: Supporting Scholarly Success

Members of Greek life often hold some of the highest GPAs on their campuses. Excellent academics is a value and requirement. Scholarship chairs help struggling brothers by providing resources and organizing study hours.

Scholarship chairs are to support brothers and help them reach their goals. Older brothers often take new members under their wing. They can help new members understand the material of the classes they've already taken.

Of course, there are also fraternities based around academics. Professional fraternities build brotherhood while helping their members find success in their profession. Art, engineering, business, law, and medicine professional fraternities are common.

Networking Opportunities: Opening Doors to the Future

Being in a fraternity is being part of something larger than yourself. It opens you up to a world of alumni that you instantly have a bond with from sharing membership. Many graduated brothers look to connect with the current brothers of their chapter.

Alums will often reach out with work opportunities or tips to get an internship in their field. The chance to network is a big draw because getting started in a career often requires knowing someone. Fraternities give you an instant bond that can be a leg up.

Not only will alumni help current brothers, but members of the same pledge class are also great for networking. If you're in the same major, you can let your brothers know of job opportunities. You never know when those connections will be a benefit.

Developing Leadership Skills Through Service

A fraternity is great for leadership experience. Within each organization, brothers hold offices that self-govern the fraternity. There are executive positions like president and finance vice president and chair positions like rush or brotherhood chairs.

Regardless of the office, these are a great way to gain leadership experience. You often run a smaller committee and get decision making power within the fraternity, which can be a great resume builder.
Of course, you don't have to hold an office to be seen as a leader in a fraternity. Men whom other brothers look up to for advice or guidance are just as much a leader as those in an elected office. These skills are often transferable to the post-college world.

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Commitment to Service: Giving Back to the Community

Both service and philanthropy are often values of fraternities. Being able to give back to the local community and an official national philanthropy is a large part of Greek life.

Each chapter has a philanthropy that the organization supports on a national level. During philanthropy events, other members of Greek life and other campus organizations participate. They also money to support these philanthropies.

These events are bonding moments for fraternity brothers. There's a lot of planning that goes into them, and anticipations to hold them each year. Getting to share something you as a group is passionate about bringing brothers together.

The Lasting Impact of Fraternity Membership

With so many memories, it can be hard to leave behind the fraternity. Fraternity alums choose to commemorate their experience in many ways. Some keep their lettered sweatshirts while others mark themselves with tattoos.

But one of the most unique ways to remember your fraternity experience is with custom challenge coins. This is a great gift for graduation, an alumnus weekend, or to give yourself. Brothers of all ages will love this unique and memorable coin.

Create a small medallion with your fraternity's crest or letters on it as a keepsake and reminder of the bond you share with your brothers.

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A Brotherhood that Extends Beyond

Joining a fraternity is a personal decision. But it's one that few people regret. Many look back on their years in a fraternity with fondness.

With all the time spent together—not just at parties, but at philanthropy events, class, study hours, or just hanging around the house—it's no wonder that lifelong bonds form.

Graduated alums still express excitement when meeting other current or graduated brothers. It's being part of something bigger than yourself and bonding you to others with similar values. Though it may sound cheesy, fraternity bonds are for life.

Want a great way to remember your time in a fraternity? Allow us to help you create a custom coin.

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