Protect and Accessorize: How to Choose the Best Challenge Coin Holder for Your Collection

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Date: June 2, 2020
How to Choose the Best Challenge Coin Holder for Your Collection

Protect and Accessorize: How to Choose the Best Challenge Coin Holder

Do you have a vast collection of challenge coins? Even if your collection is tiny, it is significant enough to choose a quality challenge coin holder.

No one gets a challenge coin and says, "Great, this will be perfect to stash in a random box in my closet!"

Each coin signifies something special, whether it's a hard-earned accomplishment or a treasured memory. You want to be able to see and enjoy your coins and all they stand for.

There's no better way to do that than with a specialized challenge coin holder. To find the perfect one for you, start by getting an idea of the top options.

Your Challenge Coin Display Options

When you display your challenge coins, they become a part of your decor. It's no surprise, then that there are several display options depending on the look you want. Which of these fits your vision best?

1. Tabletop Display Cases for Many Coins

One popular choice for challenge coin holders is a tabletop case that holds a large number of coins. It could be anywhere from ten coins to dozens of them.

These cases are shallow and may be open to the air or have a clear enclosure. Some look like they're made to hold rings, with cloth ridges where you can insert each coin. Others have tiny stands built into the cases for each coin.

If you have a significant collection of coins and you have a tabletop where you want to display them, this could be a great choice. The most common complaint, however, is that many designs have the coins overlapping somewhat. You may not be able to see each coin as well.

2. Wall-Mounted Display Cases

Shadow boxes are popular ways to display any number of personal memorabilia or special treasures. Some challenge coin holder designers have taken inspiration from them.

A wall-mounted display case has a clear front, often with wood or metal along the sides and back. The inside is usually lined with cloth, and it features several rows of coins.

These displays don't take up tabletop space, and they tend to display coins more openly than tabletop options. You can also get high-end versions with special spotlighting.

3. Single Coin Display Stands

The two choices above are popular for collectors because they can hold many coins in one case. What if you only have one or a few special coins, though?

This is where singular display stands come in handy. These stands look like tiny easels and they're built with challenge coins in mind. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

Of course, you can display a full collection with these easels too. It would take up a lot of space, but you would never have the "awkward stage" of having more spaces in your display case than coins to fill them.

4. Floating Cases

Most of the case designs above use traditional display designs: stands or easels that prop up each coin. If you're looking for a more unique, modern design, look no further than floating cases.

In a floating display case, your coins are sandwiched between two clear pieces of glass, plastic, or plexiglass.

Floating challenge coin holders come in many styles and sizes. You can find them to hold single coins or an arrangement of main coins.

How to Choose the Best Way to Display Your Challenge Coins

How to Choose the Best Challenge Coin Holder for Your Collection

As you shop for a challenge coin holder, there's far more to consider than just which one looks the coolest. Your display doesn't just make your coins look nice. It protects them as well.

Keep these tips in mind while you explore your options.

Consider Your Space

It's clear that some challenge coin holders are more compact while others have no problem taking up plenty of space.

Think about where in your home you'll display your challenge coins. You want a display case that is proportional to the amount of space you have, whether it's on the wall or on a tabletop.

Size isn't the only factor that matters, though. Your challenge coin display will be a part of your decor. Choose one that has materials, colors, and designs that match the room's style.

Think About Your Future Plans

Some people with challenge coins are collectors at heart. They make a happy hobby out of growing their collections.

Others may not care about collecting challenge coins. You might have a single special coin like a military challenge coin that you want to display as an heirloom.

Take this into account while shopping for your display case. You don't want to buy a challenge coin holder that fits your collection today but will be insufficient when you buy another coin in a month. If you don't plan to build a collection, there's no need to find a case with room to grow.

Calculate the Risks

As we noted, challenge coin holders aren't just meant to display your coins. The right ones can keep your coins safe, too. In the same way, you want the display case itself to be safe if it's fragile.

Think about how much protection your coins need. If you have kids or rambunctious pets in the house, you'll want a stable display case that isn't easy to knock over.

Consider the activity around where your display will be, too. For instance, maybe you'll display your coins along the wall of your home office. On the other side of that wall is a playroom, though.

It's easy to see how playful kids could run into the wall. If your coins are balancing on easels on a floating shelf along that wall, they could be knocked down on a daily basis.

Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Challenge Coin Holder

When it comes down to it, the way you display your challenge coins is a personal choice. It depends on your collection, your style, and what you want in a display.

The tips above can help you find the ideal challenge coin holder for your home.

In the meantime, don't forget to keep building your collection by shopping for custom challenge coins today.

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