How to Display Challenge Coins

Posted by: Challenge Coin Writer
Date: May 9, 2023
How to Display Challenge Coins

There are many unique and beautiful ways to display challenge coins. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about challenge coin presentation.

People collect challenge coins for many reasons with honor and pride topping the list. Signifying membership in a particular group, challenge coins are popular among all branches of the military, law enforcement, and other emergency services.

Gaining in popularity, challenge coins are also used by corporate organizations and other groups to signify an accomplishment or milestone. While coin checks are popular among coin holders, some collectors prefer to display challenge coins safely and beautifully in their homes or office.

How to Display Challenge Coins

Are you looking for a unique and honorable way to display your most prized possessions?

Keep reading for our guide to challenge coin presentation so you can give these tokens of honor the respect they deserve.

Wooden Wall Coin Holder

A wooden wall coin holder is a classic choice for challenge coin owners with a large collection. Designed to hold over 60 challenge coins, grooves in the interior of the case help prevent overcrowding. Now, each of your coins will get the space and attention they deserve.

These holders are often made of rich, dark wood with a velvet lining that helps highlight bold, colorful challenge coins. Most wooden coin holders can accommodate challenge coins of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. The frames are also customizable for a personalized touch.

A perfect case for those who want to display challenge coins all in one place, these wooden holders are great for beginner coin collectors.

Convenient shelf slots make this wall coin holder easy to mount securely in place.

Slant Top Coin Display Case

Short on wall space? A slant top coin display case is the perfect way to showcase your collection on a bookshelf, mantle, or desk.

Ideal for collectors with 75 or more challenge coins, this oversized display case has ample room for all of your treasured pieces. Often made of walnut, the case itself is breathtaking. Once filled, guests can't help but notice the beauty and splendor of your collection.

Before investing in a slant top coin case, try building up your inventory. Empty slots can take away from the overall impact and appeal of the challenge coin presentation.

Coin Display Case

With a dark wooden frame and deep black background, a coin display case is a classic choice for displaying personalized, custom challenge coins.

Coin display cases can accommodate collections of all sizes from as few as 30 coins up to 50. The glass door allows onlookers to see each of your coins clearly without needing to remove or handle them.

Most coin display cases are only one-sided, which means you'll need a large case if you want to display your entire collection in one spot.

Display Challenge Coins

Coin display cases also require minimal maintenance. Keeping the hinges in good shape will help prevent rust. You should also clean the glass window regularly to ensure viewers have an unobstructed view of your collection.

Multi-Tier Pyramid Case

If you're looking for a challenge coin presentation option that combines all of the above features, look no further than a multi-tier pyramid case. The pyramid design allows you to display dozens of coins from every side and angle. This display case has a wide base that comes to an apex with three or more tiers for displaying your entire challenge coin collection.

The multi-tier pyramid case also allows onlookers to see every unique detail and feature of your challenge coins thanks to the 360-degree design.

This multi-sided display case makes the perfect centerpiece at home or in the office. The only downside is that you can't view your coins all at once.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Display Case

These are the four most popular challenge coin display ideas, but before you purchase a display case, there are a few things to ask yourself.

How Many Challenge Coins Do I Have?

The size of your collection is the number one thing to consider before choosing a display case. Consider both the size of your collection now and how many coins you plan to collect in the future. Traditional coin display cases are a good option for collectors just starting you.

If you already have dozens of challenge coins, opt for a larger case like the multi-tier pyramid or a slant top case.

Where Will I Be Mounting the Display Case?

Where do you plan to keep your challenge coin display case?

Wall holders need an open, well-lit area for you to hang and showcase your coins. A multi-tier pyramid case should be placed in the center of a large table or desk so people can view the coins from all angles.

Traditional coin display cases and slant-top ones are often placed on a shelf or mantle. Remember, the latter holds over 75 coins so you'll need ample room for this type of coin case.

Reasons to Display Challenge Coins

People collect and cherish challenge coins for many reasons. Some signify membership in an exclusive group while others memorialize a special event or accomplishment.

Even civilians collect challenge coins as a way to honor and celebrate family members, friends, and emergency service personnel.

Not to mention, the design and beauty of challenge coins have only increased over time. Now you can purchase personalized, colorful coins in several shapes, sizes, and designs. Investing in a quality display case helps preserve the beauty and sentimentality of your coin collection. It's also a great way to share your challenge coin collection with others. Now, people can safely view and appreciate your challenge coins without the risk of losing or damaging them.

Challenge coins shouldn't be handled too often, given away, or misplaced. Displaying your challenge coins in a secure and stylish case guarantees they withstand the test of time.

Start Your Challenge Coin Collection Today

You've heard of challenge coins but aren't really sure what they are. Growing in popularity, these beautiful coins are a symbol of something bigger than yourself.

Used to honor members of the military, police, fire, masons, and other groups, collecting challenge coins is an honorable pastime with roots in solidarity, patriotism, and pride. Now that you know the best ways to display challenge coins you can start or grow your collection.

Browse all of our coins here and start building a collection you can be proud of.

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