Fire Badges

We understand the importance of high quality fire badges. We aim to please and our customer reviews prove it. We would be honored to help you create a fire badge that is uniquely you.

Fire Badges

They are not mementoes or keepsakes, but a symbol of a higher purpose. Crafting top-quality badges and meeting the expectations of each of our customers are just a few reasons why Custom Challenge Coins is one of the leaders in the challenge coin industry.

Fire Badge Officer Grade Pricing

2.00" x 2.24"$32.76$17.77$13.08$11.63$10.87
2.25" x 2.49"$33.50$18.49$13.79$12.33$11.56
2.50" x 2.74"$34.26$19.17$14.41$12.94$11.94
Price does not include mold fee
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Fire department badges are always a popular accessory that's available in a wide range of styles. You can easily customize these badges to highlight the ranks of each firefighter. ​Custom Challenge Coins​ uses the latest technology in the industry to produce top-quality badges. We always take pride in meeting the needs of each customer, as we look forward to working with first responders and military members.

Here are a few of the top reasons to consider using custom fire department badges.

Custom Badges

Honor the Brave Men and Women

Custom fire department badges are an excellent way to recognize the bravery of each person that works at the local fire department. These badges are a small way to honor the many years of hard work and commitment of each firefighter. Each fire department badge is highly durable and is designed to last a lifetime.

Countless Different Styles of Fire Department Badges

An added benefit of buying a custom firefighter badge is the flexibility to create your own design. You have the freedom to choose any style, as our design team can help guide you throughout the process. These fire department badges will always remain a worthwhile keepsake due to their unique style.

Recognize New Members

Badges have a longstanding history throughout fire departments across the United States and the world. Each badge represents the hard work and dedication that's required to be a firefighter. These firefighter badges are also an excellent way to welcome new firefighters. You can also customize these badges to represent the insignia of a lieutenant, captain, and other officials.

Lasting Value

A firefighter's badge represents the courage and dedication of each member that puts their life on the line each day. These badges of honor also signify the years of training and service to keep everyone in the community safe. Firefighter badges are crafted with the highest level of care and will always be a valuable keepsake.

Promotes a Teamwork Culture

Custom fire department badges are an excellent way to promote teamwork and create a positive work environment. These badges can boost the morale of your fire department by recognizing all of the years of training for each firefighter. Badges for firefighters can also further motivate each member to continue to strive for excellence to help them reach their full potential.

Work With the Leading Custom Badge Maker

Custom Challenge Coins specializes in crafting a wide range of badges for past and present military members, police officers, and firefighters. We understand the importance of always producing top-quality badges. Each badge represents the many years of hard work and sacrifice of these brave men and women. Customer satisfaction at Custom Challenge Coins is always our top priority. Free artwork and revisions are available to ensure you are happy with the design. Free shipping is also included, as we strive to keep your costs to a minimum.

You can always contact our team members, as we are happy to answer any of your questions.
Feel free to reach out to Custom Challenge Coins! You can email us, click here to chat, or call us at 1-877-514-8484 for more information about fire department badges!

Badge Plating Options

Customize Your Custom Badge with Our Various Plating Options

Challenge Coin Standard Flat Edge

Polished Nickel

Price: FREE

Challenge Coin Rope Edge

Polished Gold

Price: FREE

Challenge Coin Spur Edge

Two Tone

Price: FREE

Custom Badge Backing Options

Choose from a Variety of Badge Backing Options!

Polished Nickel Coin Plating

High Strength Safety Pin

Price: $0.80/ Per Badge

Polished Gold Coin Plating

Wallet Clip

Price: $0.35/ Per Badge

Polished Copper Coin Plating

Adhesive Back

Price: $0.35/ Per Badge

Polished Brass Coin Plating

Screw Back

Price: $0.25/ Per Badge


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Badge Upgrade Options

Select from a wide variety of additional badge options to personalize your badge.

Applied Panels Upgrade

Add panels for lettering works or insignia to create more depth than a 3D mold, pairs well with two tone plating.

Price: Pricing varies

Masked Mold Upgrade

Masked Mold allows the badge to use less metal thus making it lightweight without compromising quality.

Price: Pricing varies

Curved Badge Upgrade

Request for a curved design for your badge to fit snug on curved surfaces.

Price: $0.75 / Per Badge

High Polished Metal

Create a mirror-like smooth texture on raised metal surfaces. Standard on Office GradeTM.

Price: $0.25 / Per Badge

Cutout Upgrade Option

Use the absence of material to create design features or spotlight others.

Price: $0.20 / Per Badge

3D Upgrade Option

Our most common badge upgrade, add curvature and life-like features to your badge.

Price: Pricing Varies

Translucent Upgrade Option

A see through enamel. Often used to feature metal elements underneath.

Price: $0.20 / Per Color Per Badge

Laser Engraved Numbering Options

Most common and cost-effective manner to add variable data like names or numbers to personalize badges.

Price: $0.25 / Per Badge

Edge Engraving Options

Available on flat or consistent design edges, engrave letters or numbers to enhance your design or personalize.

Price: $0.75 / Per Badge

Matte Enamel Upgrade

Apply a matte finish to any enamel to reduce glare on enamel surfaces. Pairs well with polished plating.

Price: $0.25 / Per Badge

Photo Insert Upgrade

Add any image on any badge with our photo insert upgrade.

Price: Pricing Varies

Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

We have been making challenge coins for over 15 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Let our talented design team and knowledgeable staff help you with your next custom coin project. 

Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

We have been making challenge coins for over 15 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Let our talented design team and knowledgeable staff help you with your next custom coin project.

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