Custom Embroidered Patches

We design and make custom patches for every function, with multiple styles and attachment options to choose from. Whatever the reason for your custom patches we can help! We aim to please and our customer reviews prove it. We would be honored to help you create a custom patch that is uniquely you.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Here at Custom Challenge Coins, we offer a wide variety of custom embroidered patches for you to choose from. Our designers have a wealth of experience in creating custom patch designs with your vision in mind!

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Custom 100% Embroidered Patch Pricing

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Custom embroidered patches started in 1800's and were first worn by higher ranking military officers in Britain. Patches soon became an effective way to signify rank, division and skill set in the armed forces. These days, embroidered patches are not only used in the military but also quickly became an accent in law enforcement, first responders, security officers, even the art & fashion industry. Here at Custom Challenge Coins, we offer different kinds of custom embroidered patches for our clients to choose from. You can order for a minimum quantity of 25 patches for the same design of your choice

Custom Embroidered Patches

Why Choose Embroidered Patches?

  • Embroidered patches are lightweight and highly durable
  • The embroidery process makes the life span of the fabric last longer compared to other forms of marking procedure.
  • It also has good resistance to multiple washing, making it a perfect choice for patches attached to uniforms.
  • Offers a wide variety of design choices: 3D foam, 3D stacked, Button loops, Glow in the Dark, etc.

Here are some of the customizations available for our custom embroidered patches.

#1 Different Base Fabric to Choose From

The base fabric or the background material is where the thread will be embroidered on. The most common type of base fabric is Twill. Felt and Velvet are often used for intricate images as they have great flexibility. 3M Reflective Mylar provides added visibility at night and is also available upon request.

#2 Multiple Types of Borders Available

  • Merrow Border - This type is available only for standard shaped patches and is characterized by having the edges sealed with an overlock stitch
  • Heat Cut - A type of border attained by cutting the edge of the design using a laser or hot knife to seal any loose thread from the fabric used. It works well with any shape.
  • Die Cut -Specifically suggested for felt and velvet materials, this type of border is characterized by using a die to cut the shape of the patch and achieve the design

#3 Various Attachment Options

Depending on the purpose of the patch, the backing or attachment will vary and should be determined on what works best. Here are the available attachments for your patches.

  • Standard / Sewn On
  • Iron On (Most Popular Choice)
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Adhesive
  • Velcro

#4 Embroidery Coverage Range

As our embroidered patches are highly customizable, the amount of thread used will depend on the design. The patch can be covered from 1% to 100% with thread. The designer can help you determine the best option for your project.

#5 Different Types of Threads

To get the most out of your patch design, we use Rayon thread which is fade-resistant and provides more durability compared to Polyester thread. There are also different types of threads for different needs of the patch project

  • Glow in the Dark Threads
  • Metallic Colors
  • Neon Colors

Patch Coverage Options

Patch 0 - 50% Coverage

0 - 50% Coverage

Price: Varies By Quantity + Size
Patch 51 - 75 Coverage

51 -75% Coverage

Price: Varies By Quantity + Size
Patch 76 to 100 Coverage

76 - 100% Coverage

Price: Varies By Quantity + Size

Custom Patch Backing Options

Choose from a variety of patch backing options to find an option perfect for your custom patch.
Standard Patch Backing

Standard Backing

Price: FREE
Iron On Patch Back

Iron On Backing

Price: $0.15 / Per Patch
Paper Back Patch Option

Paper Backing

Price: $0.10 / Per Patch

Adhesive Backing

Price: $0.15 / Per Patch
Velcro Back Patch Option

Velcro Backing

Price: $0.50 / Per Patch

Patch Edge Options

Choose between a variety of patch edges to complete your custom patch!
Merrow Patch Edge

Merrow Edge

Price: FREE
Heat Cut Patch Edge

Heat Cut Edge

Price: $0.10 / Per Patch
Die Cut Patch Edge

Die Cut Edge

Price: $30.00 / Per Order

Custom Patch Upgrade Options

Customize your patch to be unique with our upgrade options!  
Metallic Patch Thread

Metallic Thread

Price: Varies
Neon Patch Thread

Neon Thread

Price: $0.10 / Per Neon Color
Sequin on Patches


Price: Varies

Glow in the Dark Thread

Price: $0.75 / Per Patch


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