Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are similar to embroidered patches in that they create their designs using thread. However, there are several key differences that make woven patches a better option. 

Woven patches do not have a base pad, they are sewn together only using the thread. The threads used are much smaller, making it possible to create fine details. You get the benefits of an embroidered patch, but in much higher definition. This is perfect for designs that require more intricate artwork.


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Woven Patches Pricing

2.00"$40.00 $9.42 $4.85 $2.61 $1.98 $1.67 $1.19 $0.97 $0.80 $0.71 $0.56 $0.48 $0.31
2.25"$41.00 $10.48 $5.39 $2.96 $2.34 $2.01 $1.38 $1.16 $1.01 $0.91 $0.75 $0.66 $0.45
2.50"$42.00 $10.55 $5.43 $2.98 $2.35 $2.02 $1.38 $1.16 $1.03 $0.92 $0.75 $0.66 $0.46
2.75"$43.00 $13.30 $6.83 $3.74 $3.10 $2.77 $1.95 $1.73 $1.51 $1.42 $1.25 $1.11 $0.83
3.00"$44.00 $13.37 $6.87 $3.76 $3.15 $2.81 $1.98 $1.75 $1.53 $1.43 $1.26 $1.12 $0.84
3.25"$45.00 $13.45 $6.90 $3.78 $3.19 $2.85 $2.00 $1.77 $1.55 $1.45 $1.27 $1.13 $0.85
3.50"$46.00 $13.52 $6.94 $3.80 $3.24 $2.88 $2.04 $1.80 $1.57 $1.47 $1.29 $1.14 $0.85
3.75"$47.00 $13.59 $6.98 $3.82 $3.29 $2.93 $2.08 $1.82 $1.59 $1.48 $1.30 $1.16 $0.86
4.00"$48.00 $13.67 $7.02 $3.84 $3.35 $2.97 $2.11 $1.85 $1.61 $1.50 $1.31 $1.17 $0.87
Price does not include mold fee
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The biggest draw for woven patches is the increased definition in the images. They are made using finer threads and refined sewing methods to create smaller details. The result is a patch in higher definition, making the pictures clearer and more detailed. 

You may also choose woven patches because of their  durability. Woven patches are durable thanks to their high-quality threads. They won’t fade or lose stitch over time, keeping your patches just as good looking as the day that you got them. 

Benefits of Woven Patches

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose woven patches over other options:

  • Durability
  • Color Options
  • Higher Definition Pictures
  • Flexibility
  • Customization

Customization Options

While woven patches are a step up on their own, you can customize yours in several ways:

#1: Choose up to 11 Colors

Your designs call for a variety of color options. We have a large assortment of colors to choose from. Your design can have up to 11 different colors in it, giving you plenty of options to add fine details.

#2: Add Specialty Threads

There is a lot that you can do with colors, but you may want something more. We have specialty threads, like metallic options, that add more detail to woven patches. Select a specialty thread to use in your patches, and see how it makes them unique. 

#3: Choose Your Edge Cut

The edges around each patch need to be cut, and you get to choose how. Merrow cutting gives you a clean edge and pattern, which heat cutting is used for complex edge shapes. Both create high-quality edges that add another fine detail to your woven patches.

Product Options Gallery

There are many ways that we can customize your patches:

Backings Gallery

The back of your patches is as personal as the front. That’s why you have several backing options to choose from:

Upgrade Options Gallery

We can customize your patches with specialty colors. Here are a few examples of upgraded patches:

All our coins and medals come with a 100% satisfaction and lowest price guarantee. For more information or to get a free quote, Get started here or call 1-877-514-8484.

Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

If you want the best quality woven patches, then work with Custom Challenge Coins. We work hard to make sure that every patch matches your vision. Years of experience working for government organizations and large public companies means that our designers can help make your dream patches a reality. Let’s work together to ensure that your woven patches come out right!

Experience, expertise, and commitment to quality make Custom Challenge Coins one of the best patch makers available. We are proud to continue a long tradition of providing exceptional patches for any size organization. We would be honored to make your next batch of woven patches.

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