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Leather patches have been the standard in branding jackets, hats, and other official organization apparel for decades. While there are many types of patches to choose from, leather patches are among the most elegant and sought after. A well-made custom leather patch is durable, rugged, and beautiful. Let us design and make your leather patches.

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Leather Patches Pricing

2.00" $40.00 $10.90 $5.57 $3.14 $2.65 $2.32 $1.98 $1.75 $1.70 $1.56 $1.43 $1.36 $1.20
2.25" $40.00 $10.98 $5.72 $3.16 $2.66 $2.33 $1.99 $1.76 $1.71 $1.57 $1.44 $1.37 $1.21
2.50" $40.00 $11.05 $5.76 $3.18 $2.68 $2.34 $2.00 $1.76 $1.72 $1.58 $1.45 $1.38 $1.22
2.75" $40.00 $11.14 $5.80 $3.20 $2.69 $2.35 $2.01 $1.77 $1.73 $1.59 $1.46 $1.39 $1.24
3.00" $40.00 $11.21 $5.84 $3.22 $2.74 $2.39 $2.05 $1.79 $1.75 $1.61 $1.46 $1.39 $1.24
3.25" $40.00 $11.29 $5.88 $3.24 $2.79 $2.43 $2.08 $1.82 $1.77 $1.63 $1.48 $1.38 $1.23
3.50" $40.00 $11.36 $5.92 $3.26 $2.84 $2.47 $2.11 $1.84 $1.79 $1.65 $1.49 $1.39 $1.24
3.75" $40.00 $11.44 $5.95 $3.28 $2.89 $2.51 $2.14 $1.87 $1.82 $1.67 $1.51 $1.41 $1.25
4.00" $40.00 $11.51 $5.99 $3.30 $2.95 $2.56 $2.18 $1.90 $1.84 $1.69 $1.52 $1.42 $1.26
Price does not include mold fee
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There are many types of patches to choose from, but custom leather patches are among the most popular. They are used on jackets, hats, bags, and other items that need a lasting insignia or durable brand tag. The military has used them extensively for flight jackets and hats, as well as many other uses. 

Leather patches are the most durable option, making it one of the longest lasting without losing quality over time. Even as they do age, they gain a more rugged look. Worn in leather patches are a sign of hard work and extensive use, making them perfect for showing off your tenacity for getting things done. 

Benefits of Leather Patches

There are several reasons why you want to choose leather patches over other options:

  • Durability: Leather lasts a long time and is weather-resistant
  • Design Options: Stamping designs into leather gives you a wide variety of high-definition design options
  • Classic Style: Leather patches are as fashionable as they are durable, giving them a rugged style

Customization Options

Leather patches can fill a variety of needs depending on their design. A big part of this is how you customize them. Custom Challenge Coins can modify your leather patches in several ways to make your dream patches. 

#1: Embossing vs Debossing

Different stamping methods lead to different designs. You can have your patches embossed or debossed. Debossing is having the design pressed into the leather while embossing means having the area around the design pressed in. Both options produce high-quality and long lasting results. Choose the option that best represents your style. 

#2: Detailed Custom Designs

Leather is the perfect medium for detailed customer designs. Our stamping method makes it easy to add fine details, so there are no limits to what you can design. If you can think of it, we can make it! Plus, well-made leather holds its form. Your design will stay clear and well-defined over a long time. 

#3: Durability

Custom leather patches are one of the most durable options that you can choose. Not only do they hold up to inclement weather conditions well, they also keep their design clean and clear. Your patch won’t fade or deform, is scratch-resistant, and semi-waterproof. 

The only thing that you have to worry about is the leather fading, which happens to all leather over time. As it fades, it only looks more refined. You can count on leather patches to always give you the style and look that you are looking for!

Synthetic Leather

Get all of the benefits of real leather without hurting any animals in the making of your patches. Choose a synthetic leather option to protect the animals that you care about.

Edge Options

Whether you want a plain leather edge, specially cut edges, or even stitched edges, we can help you with that. Choose an edge option to give your patches a different style.

Printing Options

Your leather patches can also be screen printed or UV printed instead of stamped. Create intricate and colorful designs that last with printed leather options.

All our coins and medals come with a 100% satisfaction and lowest price guarantee. For more information or to get a free quote, Get started here or call 1-877-514-8484.

Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

For decades, Custom Challenge Coins has been the manufacturer of choice for organizations including the U.S. Armed Forces, CIA, and numerous law enforcement agencies. We also create challenge coins and leather patches for private organizations, and have a history of excellence no matter who we create for.

Our focus is on making the best possible leather patches using the best technology so that you can have the patches that you dream of. Let us be your goto source for everything you need to commemorate special events!

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