Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches give you the best of all possible options. Our manufacturing method lets you create 3D artwork that is also weather-resistant and flexible enough to be worn on clothing. Let us make you custom PVC patches to mark your next special occasion!

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Air Force Coins

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Army Challenge Coins

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PVC Patches Pricing

2.50"$47.00 $20.98$10.72$5.86$4.46$3.78$3.12$2.51$2.01$1.78$1.47$1.41$1.20
2.75"$48.00 $21.30 $10.87 $5.95 $4.54 $3.87 $3.20 $2.59 $2.10 $1.85 $1.54 $1.48 $1.27
3.00"$50.00 $23.06 $11.89 $6.54 $4.96 $4.20 $3.44 $2.78 $2.25 $1.98 $1.65 $1.58 $1.35
3.25"$55.00 $23.38 $12.05 $6.72 $5.12 $4.33 $3.57 $2.90 $2.36 $2.09 $1.74 $1.67 $1.43
3.50"$60.00 $23.69 $12.21 $6.94 $5.30 $4.49 $3.71 $3.03 $2.47 $2.19 $1.83 $1.76 $1.51
3.75"$62.00 $24.00 $12.37 $7.19 $5.49 $4.66 $3.86 $3.17 $2.59 $2.29 $1.92 $1.85 $1.59
4.00"$65.00 $24.31 $12.53 $7.52 $5.74 $4.88 $4.06 $3.34 $2.73 $2.42 $2.04 $1.95 $1.68
Price does not include mold fee
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Although PVC patches are relatively new compared to the other options, they are one of the best choices if you want a modern take on a classic tradition. PVC is a versatile material to work with, and our manufacturing process makes it possible to create unique designs.

Do you like modern art and want a very modern look to our patches? We can do that with PVC!

Do you want a more traditional design with aged colors and a simple design? PVC can do that too!

Do you envy 3D artwork and want your patches to look like they were 3D printed? Don’t worry, we can make that happen!

Our team of designers have worked extensively with PVC patch designing and making technology. They can take your ideas, create beautiful designs, and make exquisite patches that you will be proud to wear. We would be honored to show you how PVC patches can be both beautiful and functional in many ways. 

Benefits of PVC Patches

The new technology behind PVC patches harnesses the benefits of PVC and combines them with the aesthetics of traditional patches. Some of the benefits of PVC patches that you can expect include:

  • Weather-resistance: PVC is largely immune to the effects of different weather conditions. Unless you are traveling in extreme heat or cold, or in constant and excessive sunlight, your PVC patches should be able to withstand anything that you put them through. 
  • Precision Design: The manufacturing process for PVC patches makes it easy to create patches with pinpoint precision. Lines and edges are smooth with no chance of color bleeding or smudging. Your patches can be extremely detailed.
  • Soft: The PVC that we use is both durable and soft. This makes your patches flexible enough to wear on clothes but durable enough to last a long time. 

Customization Options

Custom PVC patches are a great way to stretch the limits of design and your imagination. Let us customize your PVC patches and turn them into something no one has ever seen! Here are a few ways that we can customize your PVC patches.

#1: 3D Print-Style Layering

The way we make your PVC patches lets us create layering effects. The patches can have a textured surface because we can form them into different layers. This also means that you can give designs a 3D effect using clever color choices and layered designs. 

#2: Alternative Shapes

Your PVC patches are made from scratch making it easy to choose a custom shape that helps the design and matches your vision. We can make PVC patches of nearly any shape with a level of detail that is not possible with other materials and methods. Take advantage of this to make your patches truly unique. 

#3: Extensive Use of Color

PVC can be made into a wide variety of colors. You can take advantage of this by having your design make extensive use of color. Colorful designs are possible in a way that other patches cannot reproduce easily. Make color a central part of your design to give it more detail and depth. 

#4: Sharp Letters

PVC patches have a distinct advantage over other types of patches in that they can create very sharp details. If your patch design calls for lettering, PVC will make the edges very sharp and smooth. Each patch comes out clear and easy to read thanks to how sharply they print. 

Color Options Gallery 

Working with PVC gives you design options, like extensive use of colors and shapes. Let us make patches that are as colorful as you can imagine.


Give your patches a different texture so that collectors find them irresistible. From simple polygon grids to intricate custom designs, every PVC patch can be made with a texture. 

Add Layers For More Detailed Printing

Take advantage of the layering process to add depth and details to your PVC patches. Give it a 3D printed look by setting layers and adjusting the artwork. 

All our coins and medals come with a 100% satisfaction and lowest price guarantee. For more information or to get a free quote, Get started here or call 1-877-514-8484.

Why Choose Custom Challenge Coins

What Makes Us Different

The armed forces, government agencies, and private companies have all relied on Custom Challenge Coins to create patches to commemorate special events. We pride ourselves on helping people design the best quality patches on the market that accurately reflect their vision and style. We would be honored to make your next batch of PVC patches.

Custom Challenge Coins has decades of experience working with organizations across the United States. Every item that we make is thoroughly inspected to make sure that they meet our production standards. Let us help you create patches using the new PVC manufacturing method that you are proud to wear anywhere.

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